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>   In
> other words, it wasn't removed because it shouldn't have been imposed in
> the first place, but merely because it wasn't used.  Is it good that it was
> removed?  Sure, it's better to have had it removed than not.  But it's a
> cheap token gesture.
I think you're adding meanings to where they are not present. The reasons
for SP removal are not that it wasn't used. And just the fact that it
wasn't used is irrelevant: there have been views that SP could be useful
potentially in the future, etc., so that it should stay just in case.

I have been involved in a series of meaningful conversations with Lila and
WMF staff, and we all eventually came to an agreement that any potential
theoretical benefits do not prevail over the symbolic damage the very
existence of this tool (not just its use) inflicts. My understanding is
that this is the main reason for SP removal, not the fact that it was not


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