Thank you for sharing the news, Quim.

Following Quim's announcement, there was also, for the first time since
nearly 1,000 Wikimedians requested the Foundation address this issue in
2014,[1] a formal statement about it from the organization's leadership.
Executive Director Lila Tretikov said today in the live-streamed, monthly
Metrics & Activities meeting:

"We wanted to remove Superprotect. Superprotect set up a precedent of
mistrust, and this is something it was really important for us to remove,
to at least come back to the baseline of a relationship where we're working
together, we're one community, to create a better process. To make sure we
can move together faster, and to make sure everybody is part of that
process, everybody is part of that conversation, and not just us at WMF."[2]


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