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> ("Shameful" was an unnecessarily confrontational choice of word; I
> apologize.)


> There is also the practical matter of facts not being copyrightable in the
> US, and non-zero CC licenses not being particularly useful for databases
> (what you want is something like the GPL Affero for databases and CC does
> not have such a license).

That hasn't stopped DBpedia and other open-content databases (the
Paleobiology database for example[1]) from using CC licenses requiring

DBpedia arguably had to, because its database is derived from Wikipedia,
which has an attribution required, share-alike license: "DBpedia is derived
from Wikipedia and is distributed under the same licensing terms as
Wikipedia itself."[2]

To the extent that Wikidata draws on Wikipedia, its CC0 license would
appear to be a gross violation of Wikipedia's share-alike license

The generation of data always has a social context. Knowing where data come
from is a good thing.

[1] https://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/41216
[2] http://wiki.dbpedia.org/terms-imprint
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