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> According to Denny, Wikidata, under its CC0 licence, must not import data
> from Share-Alike sources. He reconfirmed this yesterday when I asked him
> whether he still stood by that.
> In practice though we have Wikidata importing massive amounts of data from
> Wikipedia, which was a Share-Alike source last time I looked. Isn't
> Wikidata then infringing Wikipedia contributors' rights?
> Why is it okay to import data from the CC BY-SA Wikipedia, but not from
> European CC BY-SA population statistics?
Andreas, what I said was that Wikidata must not import data from a data
source licensed under Share-Alike date source.

The important thing that differentiates what I said from what you think I
said is "import data from a data source". Wikipedia is not a data source,
but text. Extracting facts or data from a text is a very different thing
than taking data from one place and put it in another place. There was no
database that contains the content of Wikipedia and that can be queried.
Indeed, that is the whole reason why Wikidata has been started in the first

In fact, extracting facts or data from one text and then writing a
Wikipedia article is what Wikipedians do all the time, and the license of
the original text we read has no effect on the license of the output text.

So, there is no such thing as an import of data from Wikipedia, because
Wikipedia is not a database.

I have repeatedly pointed you to
and you yourself have repeatedly pointed to
so I would assume that you would have by now read these and developed an
understanding of these issues. I am not a lawyer, and my understanding of
these issues is also lacking, but I wanted at least to point out that you
are misquoting me.

Please, would you mind to correct your misquoting of me in the places where
you did so, or at least point to this email for further context?
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