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> wrote:

> The case for the CC-0 license is so in line with what the WMF stands for.
> Our aim is to share in the sum of all knowledge and it is the most obvious
> way to do it. When Wikidata is found to document falsehoods or established
> truths that are problematic, we gain a quality where people come to
> Wikidata to learn what they need to learn.

According to Denny, Wikidata, under its CC0 licence, must not import data
from Share-Alike sources. He reconfirmed this yesterday when I asked him
whether he still stood by that.

In practice though we have Wikidata importing massive amounts of data from
Wikipedia, which was a Share-Alike source last time I looked. Isn't
Wikidata then infringing Wikipedia contributors' rights?

Why is it okay to import data from the CC BY-SA Wikipedia, but not from
European CC BY-SA population statistics?

There are inchoate and uncomfortable parallels to licence laundering here,
which I would hope is not something the WMF stands for. Could someone
please explain?
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