Don't be so hasty to rule out Donald.

With Computers coming down in price and Artificial Intelligence programs
steadily improving  it should be perfectly possible to  train an AI program
with the decision making power needed to make CEO style decisions; Remember
Chess has long had better computer players than human ones.  And having the
CEObot trained to adopt the personality, communication style and persona of
a much loved and highly successful comic artiste means they would be
something of a known and trusted quantity.

Indeed it would temporarily put us at the leading edge of technology,
though in a few years everyone will be using CEObots.

The only slight problems are that if we wanted to hire an AI CEO the
community would object to one that wasn't open source. And as a high
profile organisation we wouldn't want to be using the same licensed CEObot
as thousands of other organisations, especially if we had to pay a license
fee to Disney.


> On 3/5/16 8:28 AM, Chris Sherlock wrote:
> >> In it's decision making capacity, the Board should:
> >>
> >> * Select, evaluate and (if necessary) remove the Executive Director;
> >
> > Whilst I'm sure that C-level managers are up to the task, that's rather
> abrogating the responsibility of the Board.
> I think you are misunderstanding.  The Board will meet to discuss and
> approve the recommendation of the C-level managers.  In order to
> properly carry out the Board's supervisory duties, we can and should
> take advice from those who are best situated.  We have not transferred
> the legal right and responsibility onto the C-level managers - we have
> indicated to them that we trust that they will make a reasonable
> recommendation.
> If, contrary to all expectations, they came back with a recommendation
> for Donald Duck or Donald Trump or some other cartoon character, we'd
> obviously refuse their recommendation as would be our fiduciary duty.
> --Jimbo
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