On 16 March 2016 at 12:17, Andreas Kolbe <jayen...@gmail.com> wrote:
> If Jimmy is not forthcoming on the above by John Vandenberg, I suggest we
> start a public vote of no confidence for him, as we did for Arnnon. It has
> gone on long enough.

There is no excuse for a $100m/year Foundation to endorse a trustee
who behaves so badly in public, and even worse in private. Nonsense
puffery about "free speech", does not suddenly make it acceptable for
Jimmy to gratuitously drop the f-bomb when brutally slagging off a
past board member in writing. This, hand-in-hand with political
distortions and what now appears a long history of blatant "untruths",
makes Jimmy Wales completely inappropriate to remain a WMF trustee for
the next 3 months, let alone the next 3 years.

Jimmy has a great career as a pundit, and many similar media
celebrities seem to be able to grow their profile and fees by behaving
badly and trashing people they have chosen to dislike. Good luck to
him, but let's stop promoting the myth that he in any way officially
speaks for the Wikimedia movement, Wikimedia volunteers or (in his
self-appointed role) Wikimedia employees.

P.S. Does anyone who reads this list know /exactly/ when and where
will we see the results of Jimmy Wales' interviews/workshops with WMF
employees, after his recent trip to S.F. acting as the default organ
of the WMF board of trustees; or should this now be forgotten like it
never happened?

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