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Big brother is watching you,
All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others,

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Katherine Maher wrote:
>... If you have further questions about Victoria’s work with the U.S.
> Department of Defense, it is/should soon be a matter of U.S.
> Congressional record. Her findings and recommendations will also  be a 
>matter of public record, as all government work should be.
> However, the U.S. Congress isn’t always the speediest of  
>institutions, so we will also keep an eye on when they publish  further 

Well, it's in the New York Times under her maiden name:

"The Pentagon research agency that is exploring how to create a vast database 
of electronic transactions and analyze them for potential terrorist activity 
considered but rejected another surveillance idea:
tagging Internet data with unique personal markers to make anonymous use of 
some parts of the Internet impossible....

"The plan, known as eDNA, called for developing a new version of the Internet 
that would include enclaves where it would be impossible to be anonymous while 
using the network....

"Darpa awarded a $60,000 contract to SRI International, a research concern 
based in Menlo Park, Calif., to investigate the concept. SRI then convened the 
workshop in August to evaluate its feasibility....

"The workshop was led by Mr. Blaze and Dr. Victoria Stavridou, an SRI computer 
scientist, one of those who had originally discussed the eDNA concept with 
Darpa officials....

"At one point, Mr. Blaze reported to the group that he had been ''fired'' by 
Dr. Stavridou, of SRI, from his appointed role of writing the report presenting 
that consensus.

"In e-mail messages, several participants said they believed that Dr.
Stavridou was hijacking the report and that the group's consensus would not be 
reported to Darpa....

"Dr. Stavridou told the other panelists, 'Darpa asked SRI to organize the 
meeting because they have a deep interest in technology for identifying network 
miscreants and revoking their network privileges.'...."

Also I would like to know what "Orwellian philosophy" is

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