As someone who supports community central notice campaigns, I must point
out that this list is not the appropriate venue for any discussion that
aims to arrive at any decision relating to such a banner campaign and any
thread here would in no way directly result in such action. There are
precedents in this area for campaigns that relate to policy or political
causes and for internal purposes some of these have been codified as part
of the following guidance:

From a community perspective it would be expected for discussions to occur
on wiki and there be a clear and present need to establish a firm consensus
via RfC. Said RfC would focus on whether action on a particular topic
should or should not take place, it's nature and scale. There would also
need to be discussions and approvals internally for any campaign as
detailed in the guidance above.



On Sun, Feb 5, 2017 at 8:29 PM, Bill Takatoshi <>

> In the past two days I've been four off-list messages in response to
> my request for proposed banner language, all but one from James
> Salsman, who I recently defended here and who was subsequently "placed
> on moderation." I asked moderator Richard Ames whether it would be
> appropriate to forward his messages, and he said they should be sent
> to the moderation queue. James then sent me a BCC of a very brief post
> yesterday, which apparently has not yet been approved. James then sent
> me, but not the list, arguments about the merits of the various
> alternatives. I don't agree with the censorship, but in deference to
> the moderator I am sending these links without James's commentary:
> strike-protest-president-donald-trump/
> nationwide_strike_in_protest/ddctj1h/
> 31/wheres-the-best-place-to-resist-trump-at-work/
> Another respondent who asked that I not use their name suggested that
> an effective campaign can be patterned after this recent success:
> activism-forces-uber-ceo-break-trump
> Could we please have banner text proposals do NOT call for a general
> strike? I am not suggesting it be ruled out, nor am I suggesting that
> we not join the call. I am simply asking for discussion in the middle
> ground.
> -Will
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