Risker, I agree that Wikimedians and WMF staff have, on occasion, been too
quick to add information about WMF employees to English Wikipedia. I
imagine that the same could be true for WMF Board, WMF Endowment Board, and
Wikimedia community members, although I'm not personally aware of that
happening. However, unless I am overlooking something, there is no such
thing as a dollar value criteria in determining notability. And I would
disagree that "We're really not that big or important of a charity." WMF
isn't the Ford Foundation but it is still notable and influential, with a
sizable budget and hundreds of employees.

Vito, I agree that original research does not belong in Wikipedia
namespace. However, investigative reporting, editorializing, and original
research are routinely done by the *Signpost*, WMF, and other Wikimedians
outside of article space.

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