Dear Pine,

I see your concern, but it seems exaggerated.

There was an early suggestion of a final RfC on the complete draft. That
changed, as stated and debated last April: there would be a code of
conduct, no two ways about it.  The subject for consensus was only what it
said, topic by topic.  There are pros and cons to that change, but that's a
valid way to do things, especially with such a gradual & public review of
the text.  A year-old process change, even if awkward, is not grounds for
reverting brion's close (!) or forum-shopping the conversation.

The current code is as clean and thorough as any I've seen, a model for
other communities, thanks to discussion in drafting. Even the bits left on
the cutting room floor were well done.  It seems reasonable to try it, see
how it works, revise it.  Hats off to those working on this, and thanks
Quim for continuing to share updates here for us wikizens not subscribed to
the technical lists.

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