Le 05/04/2017 à 12:52, Fæ a écrit :
>  I'm taking that further by
> proposing that we stick to a neutral gender for all our policies and
> help pages. In practice this means that policies avoid using "he or
> she" and stick to "they" or avoid using a pronoun at all. 

As a non native English speaker the use of a plural form definitely
confuses me or at best.  The example takes a sentence from Commons:FAQ
which roughly looks like:

A photographer has to be given credit when his or her picture is used.

With the proposal to instead:

A photographer has to be given credit when their picture is used.

Why isn't "picture" plural as well?  If using masculine as a neutral
pronoum is the issue, just stop using the pronoum entirely. Eg one can
instead write:

A photographer has to be given credit when the picture is used.

That is going to be quite a challenge when ported to other languages.
For 'A photographer', the english indefinite article is gender less.

In french that would be either 'un' (masculine) or 'une' (feminine).
What some are advocating is using:

  Un/une photographe

If the noun varies as well, that becomes messy. Here for 'administrateur':

 Un/une adminstra-teur-trice

That is not solvable in french and all other latin based languages most
probably have the same issue (blame Rome!).

Antoine "hashar" Musso

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