Has there been a recent substantial discussion by the community surrounding
promotional/biased editting paid or otherwise, which had an outcome
resulting in a specific request for assistance or increased action by the

If there hasn't, I do not see grounds for you to be expecting an official
response from Legal to a list whose conversation has for the most part
consisted of about 6 people?

Many others, I am sure, would rightly complain if the Foundation
unilaterally made decisions in this area. But please be realistic, this is
a coffee table discussion. The views expressed here are valid but the right
thing to do would be to further the conversation on wiki and have a proper
community conversation. We have mechanisms exactly for this kind of thing.
Lets actually use them.


On Sat, Apr 22, 2017 at 8:29 PM, Pine W <> wrote:

> I'm bumping this thread in the hope that there will be official comments
> from WMF regarding their willingness to take a more assertive legal
> approach to addressing and deterring promotionalism and other inappropriate
> changes to Wikipedia content by people and organizations who have conflicts
> of interest, whether or not those conflicts are disclosed.
> Pine
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