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Chico Venancio

2017-11-06 7:53 GMT-03:00 Chico Venancio <chicocvenan...@gmail.com>:

> To all on the list, *this is characterization is filled with obvious
> lies.*
> The DMCA was filed a month ago simply *DID NOT TAKE the site down*.[1]
> Henrique quickly took down the article offending copyright and Godaddy
> allowed it to continue to be hosted.[2]
> Henrique is a paid contractor of the user group Wiki Education Brazil that
> has repeatedly harassed several members of our user group (Joalpe and
> myself included). And is probably here acting as a Meatpuppet of another
> user who is under an Office action interaction ban to interact with either
> myself or João.
> That he goes on an international platform to call on the Dean of the
> university were João works is egregious harassment and WMF should not only
> impose severe sanctions, but review both the grant and affiliation
> agreements with the "user group" were this comes from.
> On the merits, after the event the organizer harassed several of our
> members, and to me it is completely understandable that João does not want
> his name attached to an event that harassed him and others. There was on
> more than one occasion hints of physical violence from a member of Wiki
> Education Brazil, and at one point those hints came to level of actually
> using the words "beating" in reference to another member of our user group,
> Teles, who was also called a famous Wikipedia despot, that he needed
> psychiatric attention, and that he needed to find a boyfriend on a public
> facebook thread.
> The CC-BY 3.0 Henrique alleges to have on the article is clearly invalid
> for several reasons, one being he did not have one from the co-authors of
> the work. Even if he did, Brazilian law supersedes it and clearly states
> that the author has the inalienable moral right to revoke any license and
> remove from circulation in any form when the use represents an affront to
> his image or reputation.[3] That Henrique confesses that he, and the user
> banned from interacting with myself or Joalpe, knew that license was not
> given by João and that an explicit revocation was placed onwiki, only makes
> the copyright violation willful and demonstrates that no assumption of good
> faith can be reasonably made. This was an explicit provocation from the
> "User Group" Wiki Education Brazil to João.
> Best to all on the Wikimedia Movement,
> Hoping for a movement with less tolerance for harassment,
> Chico Venancio (User:Chicocvenancio)
> 2017-11-06 1:08 GMT-03:00 Henrique de Andrade <henriquedeandr...@gmail.com
> >:
>> Friends, it took me a month to join forces and get the courage to write
>> the
>> story below.
>> The Wiki Education Brazil user group has had its website [1] shutted down
>> due to an attack using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and
>> the
>> most shocking of this story is that the legal threat was made by a
>> "member"
>> of the Wikimedia community: Mr. João Alexandre Peschanski, who uses the
>> username Joalpe.
>> My unreal saga began on October 7th when I received an email informing me
>> that the WMF Support and Safety team had received a complaint from Joalpe
>> that his copyright was being violated by the publication on the I CCBWIKI
>> (I Brazilian Scientific Congress of Wikipedia) website of a paper which he
>> is a co-author.
>> I thought this situation was very strange and I imagined it was a
>> misunderstanding. I promptly in good faith emailed Joalpe, copying WMF
>> team, trying to figure out what could have led to this misleading
>> interpretation that we were committing a copyright infringement. In the
>> email I reminded him that he knows several members of the Wiki Edu Brazil
>> group and that he could communicate directly with us if he was bothered
>> with something and that, if he wanted to, I could remove from the site the
>> work of which he is a co-author, even though it is on the CC-BY 3.0
>> license.
>> To my surprise I never received a reply from Joalpe. Instead, two days
>> after my contact arrives a message from GoDaddy (company where the Wiki
>> Edu
>> Brasil’s site is hosted in the United States) informing that we have
>> received a "complete DMCA complaint", made by the Center for Research,
>> Innovation and Diffusion in Neuromamatics of the University of São Paulo
>> (CEPID NeuroMat - USP), signed by João Alexandre Peschanski.
>> In this complaint he alleges that in the page that I made with the texts
>> sent to the I CCBWIKI there would be a text of which he is one of the
>> authors and that he would have revoked our authorization to publish it,
>> accuses us of not giving the due credits in the work and implies that we
>> would have copied the content from another conference, prior to CCBWIKI,
>> where it would have been originally published.
>> I lack words to describe my revolt at such absurd lies. First: not only
>> was
>> the authorization not revoked but also a Creative Commons publication
>> could
>> not have its permission revoked for sharing. Secondly, in fact his name
>> did
>> not appear on the page listing the papers, because the main author of the
>> article did not register it correctly in the system, but when clicking on
>> the file his name was in the credits correctly. Third: the published
>> content was exactly the one sent by the author David Fernando Levon Alves
>> on August 29, 2016, and until the current unfortunate legal threat I did
>> not even know of the existence of Intercom conference, where I now know
>> that the same paper had been presented in September 9th.
>> And Joalpe knows all about it! Even on page that he links[2] in his
>> complaint saying that is proof of him having revoked our authorization for
>> publication, he clearly says that he disallows the publication of the
>> paper
>> his is the main author, and that he would talk to the other author to
>> propose withdrawing the paper in question, and the chair of the event
>> promptly replied indicating that the dialogue should continue through the
>> conference management system (it is worth noting that he said he would
>> like
>> to withdraw his work because he has never seen an academic conference that
>> does not pay for the transfer and accommodations for all, an argument that
>> does not make any sense to anyone that minimally knows the reality of
>> Brazilian academy).
>> Still bewildered by this nonsense I had to decide what to do. The DMCA
>> notice gave us two options: either to remove the illegally posted file or
>> to contest the complaint. Thinking about justice, we would obviously opt
>> for the second option because we were not doing anything illegal. But
>> within the cruel logic of the DMCA, we were given an absurd 24-hour
>> deadline to send a response and our page was already off. It is worth
>> mentioning that at that moment our host removed all the pages in the
>> domain
>> wikibrasil.org, and not just the page with the annals of the previous
>> conference. In this way, projects such as IWSC and WLM that were in key
>> moments of their execution were also unavailable to users. So, to the very
>> annoyance we had to remove the file (as if we were guilty!) In order to
>> request that the sites be republished.
>> Yet stunned by this, I asked for help from the WMF’s Trust & Safety and
>> the
>> Legal Team. Both were sympathetic, but the WMF's legal support policies
>> provide support only for problems regarding content hosted on the
>> foundation's servers, and since that was not the case, I could not receive
>> formal legal support. Unsure, fearing the possible legal implications of
>> the complaint, and without knowing how to defend myself I spoke with
>> groups
>> of free culture and defense of freedom of expression and concluded that
>> the
>> best way to defend myself would be to publicize the ongoing persecution.
>> The days that followed were very difficult for me. Whenever I had to deal
>> with any wiki subject I was taken by a feeling of revolt and could not do
>> anything. I spent hours trying to write these words but I just couldn’t do
>> it. Having to face a legal threat through the DMCA may already be
>> something
>> to wrap the stomach itself, but having to do it knowing that who denounces
>> know he is lying, says himself a defender of free culture and is even a
>> member of the Wikimedia community is unbelievably revolting!
>> We all know that wikis communities are not a bed of ​​roses and I have
>> several times left and I stopped editing because of the bullying done by
>> users like him. But this time I won’t shut up! The destructive behavior of
>> this person has escalated in a way that is forcing me to spend all my time
>> studying United States copyright law to defend myself from something I did
>> not do, and he knows it well. This user used his influence to move the
>> largest university in Latin America into an international legal threat
>> against the movement he claims to be a part of. We need to stop it!
>> For those who do not know this user, it is worth pointing out that he
>> leads
>> a users group, and receives funding from WMF to conduct outreach
>> activities. I repeat: This person who uses the DMCA to legally threaten
>> members of the Wikimedia community is receiving money from our movement to
>> fund their projects. We can not accept this anymore! Joao Alexandre
>> Peschanski (a.k.a. Joalpe) should be boycotted in every possible way by
>> the
>> Wikimedia movement. A copyright troll should never receive grants, be
>> accepted in our spaces and have the right to speak on behalf of our
>> community!
>> In addition to measures within the Wikimedia community I also ask for your
>> support to help with my defense of Joalpe's attack on the legal world. I
>> call upon all advocates of free culture, freedom of knowledge and the
>> Wikimedia movement to endorse the following petition [3], addressed to the
>> University of São Paulo, demanding that it immediately withdraw the
>> complaint of violation to the DMCA made against the Wiki Educação Brasil
>> group, and that it immediately stops pursuing free-culture movements in
>> Brazil and in the world:
>> https://www.change.org/p/reitor-da-usp-pare-imediatamente-
>> de-usar-a-justiça-americana-para-tirar-site-wiki-brasil-do-ar
>> <https://www.change.org/p/reitor-da-usp-pare-imediatamente-
>> de-usar-a-justi>
>> I publish this letter still frightened, but already without fear and
>> confident that united we will overcome one more attack that threatens not
>> only the Wikimedia movement, but the whole culture of free knowledge.
>> "Imagine a world in which every person on the planet has free access to
>> the
>> sum of all human knowledge. That is what we are doing." Jimbo Wales
>> Sincerely,
>> Henrique de Andrade (User: HenriqueCrang)
>> [1] http://wikibrasil.org
>> [2]
>> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wiki_Education_Brazil/
>> Events/Congresso_Científico_Brasileiro_da_Wikipédia/2016#
>> Tr.C3.AAs_d.C3.BAvidas
>> <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wiki_Education_Brazil/
>> Events/Congresso_Cient>
>> [3]
>> https://www.change.org/p/reitor-da-usp-pare-imediatamente-
>> de-usar-a-justiça-americana-para-tirar-site-wiki-brasil-do-ar
>> <https://www.change.org/p/reitor-da-usp-pare-imediatamente-
>> de-usar-a-justi>
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