> the WMF doesn't have the resources to prevent a
> state level actor from gaining access to its servers.

Do you think merely avoiding the most mass-produced and arguably
widest backdoor is a step in the right direction?

> Switching to little used, little supported and more expensive
> hardware simply weakens the WMF position even further
> since attackers no longer have to factor in the risk of burning
> a valuable exploit.

That they need not risk losing their prized exploit capabilities
because they can't use them against open source hardware
makes us safer or less safe than if they could use them but
we spent less money?

> What about moving to another country? Still not an option?


> the FTC and the FEC are very different organizations?

They both impose speech and behavior restrictions on paid advocates
trying to push their products, services, or candidates. Those
restrictions govern what is legal in the US on Wikipedia pertaining to
COI issues.

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