The new website highlights "Advocacy" as one of the three areas that the
Foundation deals with, along with Research and Technology. From the page
linked, it promotes the WMF's misguided and unauthorized venture into
trying to influence US immigration law, now claiming it to be something the
WMF does "routinely". These statements do not belong on the WMF website.

(Also, there is no longer any way to inform people responsible for the site
about errors, like "do not write you own bio". Or the fact that the header
is in German, despite saying that the page is in English.)

Is there any intention to have somewhere where edits can be at least

-- Yair Rand

2018-08-01 21:51 GMT-04:00 Gregory Varnum <>:

> Hello,
> After many months of work by over 100 individuals around the organization
> and movement, the Wikimedia Foundation's new website soft launched this
> week!
> You can check it out for yourself here (you may need to clear your
> browser's cache):
> So what comes next?
> Throughout this week, the Communications department and core website team
> will be doing final tweaks and quality assurance testing in preparations
> for translations.
> Over the coming weeks we will be working with affiliates and contributors
> around the world to make the site in available in Arabic, Chinese, French,
> German, Russian, and Spanish - in addition to the English version soft
> launched today. Once the translations are completed, we will be doing a
> more public announcement regarding the new website and begin more formally
> implementing usage of it.
> Additionally, we will be holding office hours in the coming weeks.
> What about the old website?
> The old website (aka Foundation Wiki) will be given new life in the coming
> weeks as the Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki - where it will continue
> to house important documentation for the Wikimedia Foundation like
> policies, board resolutions and minutes, legal documents, etc. Additional
> information on the changes coming to that wiki and the plans for migrating
> archived content to Meta-Wiki will be available in the coming weeks.
> What else should I know?
> There is a lot of great things about this new website we are excited to
> share with all of you! More information about office hours will available
> in the coming weeks. Until then, we encourage you to take a look and
> contact me directly if you find any bugs, typos, or have any comments.
> Thank you!
> The Communications department greatly appreciates all of the discussions,
> work, and patience everyone has put into this gigantic undertaking. We are
> very close to the finish line, and today marks a significant step which was
> only possible with the help of the 100+ people involved.
> On behalf of the Communications department and core website team (Heather,
> Zack, Katherine, Mel, and Greg),
> -greg
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