Hi Greg, thank you for the update.

The bold visual design is interesting. Hopefully WMF's target audiences
will like it.

I have a couple of concerns. This is not intended as an attack, and please
try not to take this personally.

1. I am a bit uncertain about the appropriateness of asking affiliates and
volunteers to spend valuable time translating WMF's corporate website. I am
not sure that it is a request that I would make if I was in WMF's place.
WMF has plenty of funding that could be used for that, and I think that
affiliate and volunteer translator time would be better spent on content
translation. Is there a reason to ask volunteers to spend their valuable
time doing something that paid translators could do?

2. The section on "Key information - things to know" should be carefully
examined by people who know Wikimedia policy and practices well. There are
several places where that section needs additional work.

3. I partly share Yair's concern about the advocacy section. I have mixed
views about some of WMF's public policy positions, while I fully agree with
others. I suggest removing the word "routinely" unless WMF intends to
become more active than it has been in the past with advocacy efforts that
may be "non-core" with respect to WMF's mission, and I suggest that WMF
should consider how to communicate that its own positions may or may not be
representative of the positions of affiliates and contributors.

I'm busy with other issues so I probably won't spend much more time
thinking about the WMF website in the near future, but I thank you for your
well-intentioned efforts to modernize the site. Hopefully in the long run
all will be well.

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