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> On Aug 1, 2018, at 7:56 PM, Yair Rand <> wrote:
> The new website highlights "Advocacy" as one of the three areas that the
> Foundation deals with, along with Research and Technology. From the page
> linked, it promotes the WMF's misguided and unauthorized venture into
> trying to influence US immigration law, now claiming it to be something the
> WMF does "routinely". These statements do not belong on the WMF website.
> (Also, there is no longer any way to inform people responsible for the site
> about errors, like "do not write you own bio". Or the fact that the header
> is in German, despite saying that the page is in English.)
> Is there any intention to have somewhere where edits can be at least
> proposed?
> -- Yair Rand
> 2018-08-01 21:51 GMT-04:00 Gregory Varnum <>:
>> Hello,
>> After many months of work by over 100 individuals around the organization
>> and movement, the Wikimedia Foundation's new website soft launched this
>> week!
>> You can check it out for yourself here (you may need to clear your
>> browser's cache):
>> So what comes next?
>> Throughout this week, the Communications department and core website team
>> will be doing final tweaks and quality assurance testing in preparations
>> for translations.
>> Over the coming weeks we will be working with affiliates and contributors
>> around the world to make the site in available in Arabic, Chinese, French,
>> German, Russian, and Spanish - in addition to the English version soft
>> launched today. Once the translations are completed, we will be doing a
>> more public announcement regarding the new website and begin more formally
>> implementing usage of it.
>> Additionally, we will be holding office hours in the coming weeks.
>> What about the old website?
>> The old website (aka Foundation Wiki) will be given new life in the coming
>> weeks as the Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki - where it will continue
>> to house important documentation for the Wikimedia Foundation like
>> policies, board resolutions and minutes, legal documents, etc. Additional
>> information on the changes coming to that wiki and the plans for migrating
>> archived content to Meta-Wiki will be available in the coming weeks.
>> What else should I know?
>> There is a lot of great things about this new website we are excited to
>> share with all of you! More information about office hours will available
>> in the coming weeks. Until then, we encourage you to take a look and
>> contact me directly if you find any bugs, typos, or have any comments.
>> Thank you!
>> The Communications department greatly appreciates all of the discussions,
>> work, and patience everyone has put into this gigantic undertaking. We are
>> very close to the finish line, and today marks a significant step which was
>> only possible with the help of the 100+ people involved.
>> On behalf of the Communications department and core website team (Heather,
>> Zack, Katherine, Mel, and Greg),
>> -greg
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