Gregory Varnum wrote:
>After many months of work by over 100 individuals around the organization
>and movement, the Wikimedia Foundation's new website soft launched this
>You can check it out for yourself here (you may need to clear your
>browser's cache):

The English home page inexplicably has German text at the top. I'm
super-confused how nobody has noticed or fixed this yet, given how
prominent it is on the page. It's also now been there long enough that
Google search results are including it. Woof.

It's very sad that the Wikimedia Foundation Inc. communications department
unilaterally decided to move away from MediaWiki to WordPress. And in the
process, your team made the site a lot less accessible to edits and
changes. Many people, including employees of Wikimedia Foundation Inc. and
volunteers, repeatedly raised objections to this decision to move to
WordPress and they were ignored. I think this type of behavior by the
communications department is really inappropriate, unbecoming, and
inconsistent with Wikimedia's values.

I also agree with Yair Rand that the focus on "Advocacy" is misplaced.


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