On 22 August 2018 at 09:24, Antoine Musso <hashar+...@free.fr> wrote:

> So your concerns will be acknowledged once they make their way to
> Phabricator. You can login there with your wiki account.

This would be the site who's privacy policy says

>Because we believe that you shouldn’t have to provide personal information to 
>participate in the free knowledge movement, you may:

>Read, edit, or use any Wikimedia Site without registering an account.

Okey cheap but is does display at certian lack of attention on your part.

The problem is you are asking us to learn our way around yet another
bit of software in order to raise issues. Not just learning how to
submit but also how to navigate around to see what is going on. Sure
I'm tech savy and I can work it out if I need to (although I don't see
how to zoom into tickets from this page without subscribing to them
https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/tag/wikimediafoundation.org/ ) but
its another barrier to entry, another bit of software I need to keep
track of.


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