Hi Seddon,

While the fundraising appeal may be successful, the problem that I have
with this subject line is that it can mislead readers into thinking that
someone with the ability to do so is seriously considering, or making an
effort to, delete Wikipedia in entirety. I think that a subject line of
"Block Wikipedia?" might be okay, and I am supportive of encouraging people
not to take Wikipedia for granted. But regarding "Delete Wikipedia?", as
far as I know that generally misrepresents the current situation. I believe
that using "Delete Wikipedia?" as a subject line is inconsistent with
Wikipedia's goals of providing neutral, verifiable, and reliable

I am starting to think that if WMF wants to use the Wikipedia brand name
for WMF fundraising then WMF should first publicly discuss its proposed
uses of the Wikipedia brand name with Wikipedians.

On a related issue, I don't know if it's happening this year, but in the
past another concern that I've had is the conflation of donating to
Wikipedia with donating to WMF. Wikipedia and WMF are related but there is
not a 1:1 relationship, and I hope that WMF makes that clear in its
fundraising. The use of "Delete Wikipedia?" reminds me of these concerns.

I would prefer to avoid diverting the community's limited time into
reviewing WMF's choices, but unfortunately the issues are too significant
to ignore. I don't know how many community members want to volunteer their
time to review fundraising appeals before they go into production, but I
think that it would be good for WMF to ask.

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