On Fri, Nov 16, 2018 at 6:17 PM Caitlin Cogdill <ccogd...@wikimedia.org>

> That said, there is a final input which is harder to measure on a per-test
> basis: how do we, our colleagues, and volunteers feel about our messaging?
> This team cares deeply about Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation, and
> about the mission we all work to achieve. We want to represent it
> faithfully, and do so in a way our readers and donors can engage with and
> understand. This balance can be really hard to strike and it will always be
> an ongoing challenge in our work.

Caitlin, thank you for caring about the concerns that were raised and
taking action to address them. I can imagine that it is difficult to know
how volunteers feel about some action or message. It would be nice if in
case of doubt there would be some invitation to participate assessing the
lines or suggesting alternatives. I'm sure that in this list there are some
people who would be willing to offer their perspective on how the message
comes across. As Pine has suggested a public discussion on how to
incorporate community review would be interesting.

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