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> Hi GerardM,
> Indeed!
> As I mentioned in my earlier message, the process will be multilingual. We
> want to ensure that as many people as possible from across the movement
> have the opportunity to participate, so we are working hard to make that
> happen. When it comes to naming in particular, we need to understand the
> localization opportunities and challenges of the different proposals in
> order to arrive at a system that works globally. We are having both the
> survey and the proposals translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, German,
> Russian and Spanish.

To be perfectly honest, while I'm not a professional translator, it can't
certainly can't take that many hours of work to translate "the board is
going to pick whatever name they want, irrespective of anything the
communities offer" into many languages.

Seriously, why all the theater? The board cared little for how the
community felt about the initial name change proposal, code of conduct, and
crammed the 2030 project so aggressively down the throats of the community
that even the most deluded as to the state of affairs saw it was pointless
to offer any additional feedback. There's still no transparency for board
conflicts-of-interest during the Fram incident or the capricious and
arbitrary extension of the term of community board seats.

Every single person reading this knows that the board is going to do
whatever it wants anyway, so why insult the community with the pretense
that any opinions of the community actually matter?
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