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> There's a campaign(1) for nonprofits to disclose the salaries, or at least
> salary ranges, on job ads.
> (...)
> I know practices vary within the movement - I believe the WMF never
> mentions salaries on ads, and I don't know whether the range is disclosed
> to applicants or not - some chapters I know do advertise a salary. However,
> I'd urge all entities within the movement that hire staff to disclose the
> expected salary ranges for posts they are advertising, as part of their
> commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

FWIW, the WMF does at least disclose its salary ranges internally to staff,
which I think does a lot to help with more equitable compensation. I hope
they will disclose publicly some day; until then, if you work at the WMF,
you can help by entering your salary into transparency projects like
Glassdoor [1].

Also, executive compensation is public due to US legal requirements for
charitable organizations, and is tracked on meta [2]. Probably not that
helpful to most candidates, but might be used to calibrate overall pay
levels compared to other organizations.

[2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Foundation_salaries
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