Me again Antoine,
I remembered this partnership between WMF and Orange, the French telecom

It seems to me to remember that during this partnership that the
database was replicated on Orange's servers in read mode, but I'm not on
that date a bit and my memory is failing me can be asked for
confirmation from Brion Vibber .
If this is the case, Orange had taken the risk of hosting the data and
Orange was never bothered too :)
The noticeable difference is that Orange offered money not a resilient
solution that the Criann is capable of accommodating. Regards, Pascal
Le 2020-10-01 22:57, Pascal Martin a écrit :

Good evening Antoine,

France is a country full of laws which are not respected, it is the old 
continent that you want :)
Ex: it was not until 2013 that women could wear pants in Paris, and I assure 
you that women wore pants before that date.

More seriously and from my personal experience for which for more than 12 years 
the data of all the projects of the WMF and in all the languages ​​as well as 
the content of the source links are hosted at Criann, the Criann and I even 
have never had any problem in court.

Regarding confidentiality, my servers are locked in a room which is also 
locked; only authorized persons can physically access the server rooms which 
are partitioned.

From my point of view, I think the risk is to be measured by the Criann, 
because we are talking about making Wikipedia resilient, if the Criann accepts 
the risk apart from controversies there will be only that.

Even so, I think it is for the wikipedia community to rule on this point, even 
if the mandate of the WMF is to host Wikipedia, it does not say that the 
community is not positioning itself for a less centralized system. than today.

And to change the law in France, I think that given that the Criann depends on 
the President of the Region:

Maybe le criann can try giving a call to french president of the region 
normandie and see whether
some arrangement can be made: -]
</ Reality>

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On 30/09/2020 13:55, Pascal Martin wrote:
Hi all,
Maybe one way in France :
I could contact them if it s possible, and more particularly the criann
he would only charge for electricity.
At the same time this allows to be able to save energy for users who
consult wikipedia in Europe.


Wikimedia has caches servers located in Amsterdam in the same facility of AMSIX which is one of the largest internet exchange point in Europe. The caches thus have a very good connectivity with all the major internet service provider in Europe (and beyond).

France several exchange points (France-IX, PARIX, SFINX which is operated by renater) and possibly others. But to my knowledge none offer the same amount of connectivity as AMSIX.

Beside privacy, hosting would have to obey to french laws and the copyright laws are entirely different than the one in the USA. On top of my mind: there is no such thing as "fair use" and no "freedom of panorama".

Surely laws can be changed by intense lobbying and could I see the use case for France to relax some copyrights laws to better accommodate hosting. That could potentially attract a wide range of content that are seeking a safe copyright heaven. But I don't see it happening anytime soon and that would require a lot of lobbying by a wide range of organizations beside just Wikimedia.

Maybe WMF CEO can try giving a call to french president and see whether some arrangement can be made :-]

Pascal Martin
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