2009/1/21 private musings <thepmacco...@gmail.com>:
> mornin' all....
> it's great to see people talking about this - and I particularly agree with
> Andrew that there's a good chance we could do something great here :-)
> So far, I've been more interested in giving people 'bite size' wikipedia's
> to play with / learn from from the angle of learning about wiki, and
> developing 'wiki skills', more than driving the quality of the article, or
> even the content delivered - I see this as strongly in synergy with the HSC
> syllabus for example - although it's important to note that this isn't at
> all in tension with also delivering top draw quality of content.
> The technical problems angela raised are easy enough to check out, I hope -
> I don't really know what 'API' means I'm afraid, but the screen on wikipedia
> says that it exports 1,000 revisions, so I'm wondering if it's wrong, or if
> Angela left out a 0? Further, the whole 'only 2MB will work' thing is a bit
> of a bummer, and I thought I'd take up James' (or any sysop on the WMAU wiki
> who's up for it) offer to try out the Special:Import function.
> I've created two 'XML Dumps' - one of the capital cities of Australia, and
> one of the Prime Ministers of Australia - I think I may have accidentally
> clicked some sort of 'grab the whole entire wiki' button yesterday, because
> I cancelled the download at some 300+ Megs when I wanted to turn off the
> machine - doing it from home has resulted in a far more friendly 15 Meg for
> each file - far more than the 2 mentioned, but let's see if it works!
> Any helpful sysop can download the dumps from here;
> http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=f526a76ad2e1a96291b20cc0d07ba4d2637696439eb61065
> Although give it a few mins - it's still uploading as I type :-)
> As I (think) I mentioned, I'm still very much at the feasibility stage, but
> would invite everyone interested in developing this idea to sign up, and
> 'dive in' helping it take shape;
> http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Schools%27_Wikipedia_Australia

I've not been following all of this, but ... I dont think it would be
appropriate to import Wikipedia articles into the organisation wiki,
which should be used for ... *organising*.

If we need to build a resource that isnt a collection of encyclopedia
articles, it should be developed on Wikibooks.

John Vandenberg

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