Don't forget that we have DET employees, teachers and other educators
amongst our own numbers either (including at least one board member). Given
they've got a solid understanding of Wiki as well they're probably the best
starting point before we start approaching the wider community - one of the
strengths of Liam's approach to these organisations, it must be remembered,
was that he had a fair degree of background knowledge from his own
professional experience so he was able to speak some if not all of their
language when communicating with them.

Also, schools don't have equal access to online resources - the school I
worked at in 2007 (a large state high school) you had to book the lab at
least a week in advance and could only get it for an hour, and there was no
net access in the classrooms. As such, the resource plan would have to
consider how they might be used by teachers - i.e. trying to ensure maximum
uptake and that we actually have a useful product.

I'm happy to help from the WA side, although I am of the firm belief that
*Wikipedia* (as opposed to other Wiki-based delivery methods) as such is not
the most useful avenue to do this. In my field, the articles are far too
technical / high-level for the high school students to understand (or in
some cases even me, and I have a degree minor in the stuff!) and often have
concepts in them which are not within the various Australian curricula. (I
say various as I think the national curriculum will end up failing due to
state-federal rivalries - it will end up as a bunch of state curricula
trying to achieve core points agreed federally).


2009/6/20 K. Peachey <>

> On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 8:28 AM, private musings<>
> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I just created this page;
> >
> > with the intention of encouraging all those interested in liaising with
> > educators / schools directly to jump in and whip up a few project pages
> > formalising what we might do / info. we can share etc. etc. (it's a wiki
> > process, of course, so please get involved!)
> > Liam's a constant source of inspiration to me, and I've recently been
> > involved in correspondance with a few other wiki folk all over the globe
> > about furthering the 'glam' approach to include schools - ie. talking
> with
> > them about what schools' needs for wiki projects are, how we're currently
> > doing at meeting them, how we as a project (wikimedia, not just
> wikipedia)
> > fit in to their programmes etc.
> > I've spoken at medium length to one head teacher and one head of
> department
> > on a personal level which has further convinced me that it would be both
> fun
> > and useful for a cadre of volunteers to consider preparing a few talks /
> > workshops etc. etc. to take to schools in the vicinity of wherever
> > volunteers happen to be! - This project is intended to get that ball
> rolling
> > :-)
> > Whilst the mailing list is a fantastic platform for sharing news - it's
> > probably not quite as good as a wiki for actual development work, so
> please
> > consider just diving in at or
> > - my vague, and quite likely
> to
> > shift, intention is for this to be in shape to follow 'GLAM' - so we'd be
> > looking offer some workshops to schools by September... help!
> > best,
> > Peter,
> > PM.
> > ps. an online donation service would still be a 'good thing' :-)
> > pps. I'd like to offer teachers the opportunity to edit the wmau pages
> > related to schools work - would that be cool?
> > ppps. I also just put the fantastic wikisource book
> > as
> our
> > 'featured content' - check it out!
> Maybe we could discuss what "content" we have on the wiki and how it
> ties in with their teaching curriculms or what has to be improved. The
> collection feature would be a great help there because we could on
> mini collections that are tailored for the courses and such.
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