2009/6/23 Andrew <orderinchao...@gmail.com>
> Many teachers aren't terribly computer literate, either - even though most
> of them have and regularly use computers. Some would genuinely like to learn
> more about them while others have a hostility to them.

Some teachers probably still have a hostility to sources that generally just
stem from the internet, too. Though I'm pretty sure everyone here's aware of
that <.<

It's still something that has to be kept in mind, however. Trying to keep an
equal emphasis of Wikisource, WIkibooks, Commons, etc alongside Wikipedia is

A pretty simple use of the laptops would just be to access/download parts of
Wikibooks and Wikisource.

You can probably also mention that Commons could be used as a source for
things related to the fine arts, too. Much better than using stock sounds or

Lloyd Nguyen
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