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> Another thing is the use of the geo-ip notice. There is no codified policy 
> about how/when it should be deployed, but if there's an event (e.g. Wikipedia 
> day celebratory dinner) then that should be reason enough to justify the use 
> in the Perth IP ranges. 
> We used it in Sydney to announce the meetup when Jennifer Riggs and Mathias 
> Schindler would be there - approximately half of the people were longtime 
> wikimedians who didn't know about the chapter/meetup/in-real-life activities. 
> Effectively, just the kind of people we should be trying to attract to 
> meetups :-)

In general the way the GeoIP stuff is not well set up or documented.

I've put some very simple instructions for using geonotice on Wikipedia at 

Hopefully this will get some more relevant Australian geo-notices in place for 
meetups, AGMs, invitations to join chapters, and whatever else :)

Andrew Garrett

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