2009/12/11 Liam Wyatt <liamwy...@gmail.com>

> One disadvantage of this would be that one of the promoted benefits of
> membership (being able to edit the wiki) is no longer exclusive.

Seriously is this a benefit,
whats the wiki for
why would anyone join up just to edit the wiki

> From a personal point of view, I believe that increasing the editability of
> the chapter wiki will increase the number and range of things happening in
> Australia and therefore become a driver of membership and activity. But, I'd
> like to hear what the current non-members think.
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> (yes, I'm a member)
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I though that Wikimedia is built on a philopsy of anyone can edit, surely
promoting that philopsy is the aim of the chapter. Wouldnt it be wise for
Wikimedia-Australia to hold that as corner stone of its purpose. Does anyone
think that the goals and ideals "which we hold dear" should not be what we
present in our public place.

The chapter Wiki as a way of facilitating discussion within the Australian
community is a good starting point, let it be a host for members to write
about their wiki experiences, to seek help in opening doors to the GLAM
sector, let it be somewhere for non wiki people to seek assistance in
opening their doors and making what they have collected freely available to

By all means place restrictions on what non-members can do but remember
Wikimedia-au is judged by what its does and dont expect others to do what
Wikimedia-au isnt willing to do itself.

Wikimedia-au long term future rests on whether it can grow its membership
over the next year, to do that its needs to be "of value" it needs to be
doing things to create that value, importantly it needs to be seen to be
doing them. People arent going to be productive in the group if there is
nothing for them to productive with, they arent going continue with a group
if they dont have a voice in that group,  and they definitely wont join a
group if they cant first experience the group and meet some of the people
already there.

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