'...As it is, three already busy committee members are the main

<cough> <cough> !! ;-) (ps. I think Andrew's post sort of has cause and
effect a bit bassackwards ;-)
I see it this way - if engaging and growing membership is a priority then
lowering the bar for engagement is a good thing. I have had quite a few
conversations with folk who I believe would be quite interested in Chapter
based activity, and I'd really like to say things like 'hey, head over to
our wiki and you can sign up' or 'hey, that's a good idea, you should join
our wiki, and we can work on it' - or even just organising having the
ability to RSVP, leave a note or a question.
I think wikis are wonderful collaborative environments, and (as others have
said) it feels a bit odd to me to have to try and wave the flag for more
open editing here - what about the old 'let's be bold, give it a go, and
see!' approach? If the barbarians are at the gates, and the wiki gets taken
over with nonsense we could just flip the switch back, no?
Any Father Ted fans out there will know what I mean if I say 'ah go on... go
on go on go on......'
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