To be entirely frank, I would have to agree that given both the long
term and recent "controversies" throughout WMF universe which
culminated in Jimmy recently describing PM as a troll and calling for
him to be globally banned, PM is really not an appropriate person to
lead the chapter in requests to the WMF for not-insignificant amounts
of money. However, I don't have a problem with him suggesting
potential projects and then seeing how others feel about them and
whether they gel with other projects people are currently involved in.

I attended the session on grants at the chapters meeting in Berlin (my
notes are up on the wiki here-
and we discussed the final date for grant applications and Eric made
it clear that while May 15 is listed as the deadline, it's more like a
preferred date. If applications are in by then they'll be processed
more quickly, but we're welcome to submit applications after that

Last year we had to pay back a grant a chapter member requested for an
outreach conference they wanted to run because it fell through and
didn't end up going ahead. Paying back the funds was a real headache
for the committee (especially for Brian as the then-treasurer) and it
took a considerable amount of time to resolve with the foundation. I
don't want to see this happen again so I'd oppose any moves to rush
through any ill-considered applications just to get them in before May
15 or that seem more orientated on getting money for the sake of it or
for the simple stated purpose of engaging with the grant process.
Grant applications are serious, not something that you submit just to
engage with a process and there needs to be a properly thought through
application with an idea of who, what, when, where and how the
proposed project will be run. If we have to pay back another grant,
it's going to reflect very poorly on the chapter so this isn't
something that should just be slapped together at the last minute.

I'd rather see us take the time to discuss possible ideas properly and
get the details of any proposed projects members want to run nutted
out as carefully as possible before submitting applications.

On 5/5/10, Andrew <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'll be straight up and state I'm not going to support this, for a variety
> of reasons.
> Firstly, I don't think our chapter is capable of producing a grant
> application to the standard WMF require for such a big area (education) in
> 10 days that addresses all the things WMF expect us to address.
> Secondly, this appears to be trying to reinvent the wheel. Craig's project
> up in Brisbane is already making significant advances, at least three other
> chapter members have made contacts with (or have been contacted by)
> educational departments and representative associations, and completed
> resources already in use in schools exist in other languages from other
> chapters - I'm presently trying to secure translations of these on behalf of
> the chapter. Without any attempt to coordinate the various approaches, we're
> not only less effective but also give the outward appearance of being
> disorganised to the various educational bodies involved.
> Thirdly, given your recent conflict with, among other people, Jimbo Wales
> and various concerns about past occasions when you have undertaken chapter
> work (in particular the Dictionary of Sydney episode), I do not think you
> personally should be making any outward representation of our chapter and,
> if the grant were to be approved, I think someone else should lead it.
> kindest regards
> Andrew
> On 5 May 2010 11:46, private musings <> wrote:
>> G'day all,
>> does the chapter have any grants proposals heading in this year?
>> Do we have any structure for creating / supporting a chapter grant like
>> this?
>> I have a few ideas and opportunities - for wiki use in education,
>> hopefully
>> in partnership with nsw dep. of ed. - if I write something up in the next
>> week or so, I suppose we could discuss it on our wiki, and forward it to
>> the
>> grants page linked above for consideration if appropriate?
>> I think it's important for a functioning healthy chapter to try to engage
>> with processes like this, so if you too have any ideas or opportunities,
>> please do pipe up, and let's work on them on the wiki, and get them going
>> :-)
>> cheers,
>> Peter,
>> PM.
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