> A more basic question is why are non-members still non-members?

I have not renewed my membership partly over this issue. (As I said
previously: it shows WMAU is either moving at a glacial pace or is
being run by people who simply do not share my values.)

> My biggest concern is that open editing is going to be left for the
> committee to administrate.

If the discussion has really moved from "why" but to "how", then can I
suggest using flagged revisions? Seems to be perfectly suited, and
would save non-members the ridiculous bureaucracy of having to be
"voted in" as a "webmaster" before fixing a typo, while at the same
time preserving pages which you don't wish to ever be seen vandalised
by partner organisations. Discussion pages should of course be
editable by all.

The suggestion for users to "request a change" through some procedure
on the talk page strikes me as being rather inelegant to say the

> Who is going to decide what content is acceptable or not?

I'll come back when you've worked out how to build a community instead
of a bureaucracy.


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