Wearing my "plain old editor" hat, I need some advice. 


There is a template




which is used to cite entries in the Queensland Heritage Register (a subject
near and dear to my editing heart, at 3am in my pyjamas). Anyhow this
template was broken thanks to the never-ending reorganisations of the
Queensland Government and needs some updating. Most of the updating  I have
been able to do but the remaining problem is the name of the template. CHIMS
is the name of some database software (which may or may not still be in use)
but whatever it's not a name visible to the public and not an obvious name
you would think of if you were looking to cite the Queensland Heritage
Register. So I think it needs renaming to something else. Two questions:


1.      What to call it instead of CHIMS? Should I go for something longer
and more descriptive, say QueenslandHeritageRegister? Something a bit
shorter QldHeritageReg or very snappy QHR?
2.      What are the mechanics of renaming a template? I searched for help
but could not anything helpful.  Maybe it is not possible to rename a


I welcome any suggestions or alternative solutions to the problem. I guess
one alternative might be to leave it as CHIMS and just try to document it in
places where likely editors will notice it, say, on the Talk page for the
article and the category Queensland Heritage Register. Is that considered an
appropriate use of Talk pages? Will anyone notice it there?





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