Thanks, John! That will come in handy for training on the VE.

It also explains why Liam never saw my email - it did seem a little odd at
the time.

For those who like to follow instructions literally, John omitted one step.

First, open the references dialog. Then open the transclusion dialog, etc as
John describes. 

Of course adding a Trove reference in the VE is actually far more steps than
in the source editor, plus you have the greater delays of loading the VE and
saving from the VE, so it's unlikely to be the "tipping point" to switch
anyone from the source editor to the VE.


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The images pushed it to the moderator, who was at Wikimania.

Fwiw, it is possible to add trove references.

1. Open the transclusion dialog
2. On the left hand side there is a '+' symbol; hover over it and '[
]' will appear - click that.
3. Paste in the raw wikitext in the text box that appears
4. Click apply

This trick can be used to add any wiki text, anywhere in an article.
This feature has been in the core VE since it was first deployed, but
not documented .


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