Indeed, I've submitted bug reports to the NLA about the Wikipedia citation formatting.

In addition to what Liam said, they're not so easy to fix automatically ...


On 7/08/2013 6:33 PM, Liam Wyatt wrote:
Thanks Mark, Nick, Gideon,

In response to your points thus far, (and others - please send me any responses you have too!)

The general gist, if I can put it this way, is "the current cite code is working, don't fix it until it's broken". Which is good to hear :-) This answers my question no.1, but I'd be interested in feedback about question no.2 as well - which kinds of records in both the Trove and NLA search results would be actually useful for having this citation code appear. For example - here is the NLA catalogue reference for Harry Potter book 1. Clicking 'cite this' pulls up a WP code as well. My educated guess is that this code (and the equivalent in Trove) is neither useful for the NLA nor for WP. Am I right in this? Are newspaper articles the ONLY time wikimedians will use this citation code, or are there other cases that are beneficial (e.g. unique materials in the NLA that have no ISBN)?

Mark, with regards to the formatting (underscores, capitalisation) this is something that I believe Grahame has already submitted a comprehensive series of bug reports for to the Trove team. The issue there is not so much the citation system itself but Trove's record naming structure and, more generally, the long list of higher priority bugs that are not as easily manually worked-around. As for the clipboard issue - this is a clear way of summarising my primary concern, thanks for framing it so neatly. I've subsequently asked it in those terms over on too.

Nick, thank you too. WRT some ability to make uploads of images more direct might be cool - but as Gnang says, many of the files available in Trove aren't actually from the NLA and also many are in copyright (so a blanket system wouldn't be appropriate).

-Liam <>
Peace, love & metadata

On 7 August 2013 10:01, Nick Dowling < <>> wrote:

    Hi Liam,

    I've used Trove for quite a few articles. In response to your

    1) Given that experienced Wikipedia editors are still mainly using
    wiki code, and will probably do so for some time, the pre-filled
    wiki mark up remains very useful.

    2) I agree that this functionality is mainly useful for newspaper
    articles and the like. Something to support uploads of images into
    Commons would also be very useful, but would be less-used I suspect.

    I hope that's helpful.


    Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2013 12:07:17 +1000
    From: <>
    Subject: [Wikimediaau-l] WP citations in NLA/Trove

    As many of you know, the National Library and its Trove service
    include a WP citation code in the "cite this" drop down in all
    search results (along with permalink, and various
    standardised footnoting styles). At the Library we are currently
    in the midst of a very broad tech and database integration process
    - part of which is revisiting what kinds of citations are useful
    where. I'm going to a meeting next week to discuss where the WP
    citation sits within this and I'd really appreciate some feedback:

    1) What effect does the Visual Editor have on the provision of
    this kind of code. Is it even useful anymore to provide
    pre-filled wiki markup?
    2) Which kinds of results are useful to have this service
    provided, and which are irrelevant? I believe the best use-case is
    for individual newspaper articles within Trove. However, I believe
    that there is little/no value in providing this service for
    individual book results in the NLA catalogue search (because WP
    just wants the ISBN, not the fact that it's in any individual
    library's collection). However - what about manuscripts, music
    scores, unpublished collections of personal papers, digitised
    maps.... Is it useful to have this service provided in those

    -Liam / Wittylama
    (In this case I'm asking from my professional capacity as employee
    of the NLA)

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