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>> 1. http://members.wikimedia.ch
> a dedicated members wiki, somebody does theh user registration as long
>> there is no automatic way
> The best choice IMO.
> Works good at Wikimedia France.

This was my favourite choice, too, but the problems that we discussed
about this approach were:

  - this does not allow to easily provide access to non-members who are
interested in contributing to a particular project (if someone is
motivated to contribute, it probably does not make sense to force him to
become a member)
  - on the other hand, if one is working on a particular project
involving contact names, does it make sense to automatically give access
to anyone just because they are members of Wikimedia CH ? (*)

Or, in one word: it is inflexible. Unfortunately, as Rupert mentioned,
Mediawiki is not ideal for restricting access in a finer-grained way
than "member/not member". So how can we improve on this ?

At the moment, for the particular project we were discussing, we created
a wiki on another server, but this does not scale very well.


(*) I have had the problem where I was discussing by email with someone,
trying to get some content released under a free license, when someone
uninvoled jumped in the discussion to give his opinion -- no need to say
that I did not like this, and it did not make us look good -- so I am a
bit wary about wide access for contact data (for the record, it was not
someone from WM CH or living in CH).

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