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Thank you very much for this detailed answer.

Congratulations for making WMCH infrastructure almost not depending of
these type of problematic services (not the same in all chapters).

Thanks to Manuel, we have a full set of services available "locally" (on the servers he hosts) -- and a privacy policy that has been tailored to our situation, too.

Some informal exchanges of files are still done using Dropbox; now is probably a good time to get rid of them.

I propose to invite all concerned users to:
* create a WMCH mailbox for them
* change the target email address to something more acceptable like
email box from the provider or european web mails like GMX.

Full disclosure: I am one of the people who have their @wikimedia.ch email forwarded; in my case, it goes to a Swiss provider (with servers located in Switzerland). Everybody's situation is different; for me, this is much better (for practical reasons) than a mailbox.


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