Am 10.06.2013 19:31, schrieb Emmanuel Engelhart:
> I propose to invite all concerned users to:
> * create a WMCH mailbox for them
> * change the target email address to something more acceptable like
> email box from the provider or european web mails like GMX.
> Would that be feasible?
> Does something speaks against such type of restriction?

generally all users who have asked for a WMCH mail address are initially
offered an IMAP mailbox and I normally tell people why this is better
than a redirect - just out of practical reasons, put ideological / data
security aside.
Anyway, if it is the whish of the user to get his mail forwarded
instead, who am I to deny it?

Anything else - any restrictions - should be decided by the board.

Just as a summary what we are talking about, after a short look on the
* 6 redirects to gmail (Google) (1 staff)
* 1 redirect to Hotmail (Microsoft) (1 board)
* 2 swiss domains whose MX records point to swiss mailservers (both board)
* 5 addresses redirecting to the WMF

To be honest: I understand and agree with your scepticism towards
private data flowing through third parties which are bound to make
benefit with that data (Google and Hotmail are free, and not because the
are philantroph) even withing countries which are known to spy on their
citizens. Anyway I am not sure that even if we were sure that our data
is being spied at if it was valuable enough to force our volunteers to
abandon their primary mail accounts.

It is a different situation for the board, even though they are still
volunteers they do deal with sensitive data, but that should not
normally not be transfered via e-mail anyway.

For the staff it is clear: that can only be a mailbox. So in that one
case I am happy you made me aware of a problem. I will talk to that person.

For myself I try to adopt a sceptic but pragmatic approach: Sometimes I
use Google services but only where I have no good replacement (mainly
Google spreadsheets) and then only for a temporary usage. I don't want
to rely on it. I use it for a certain task, then I store the result
elsewhere. Otherwise I use these services - this applies to all kind of
Social Networks where we have the same scepticism for a different reason
- with data I really and deliberately want to publish. So that data
can't be "stolen" or misused anyway.

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