Hi Emmanuel,

I can only speak about the processes within WMCH which are know to me or
where I am part of.
So far these processes mainly use self-hosted IT ressources. On our four
server instances we run a variety of services:
* mail (SMTP/IMAP)
* webserver / content management systems / wikis
* shell / file access (ssh / sftp)
* videoconferencing
* groupware / calendars / address books / ActiveSync
* file server / webDAV storage
* backup server
The servers for this are technically and physically under full control
of WMCH (me as a member and contractor of WMCH) and located in a
datacentre in Germany which I am paying for space, access control,
power, a/c and bandwidth. Exceptions are the office and backup servers
which are virtual hosts located on a physical server in our Lausanne office.

External services regularly used are:
* phone / SIP lines via Swisscom
* internet connectivity via Swisscom
* mobile phones via Orange and Swisscom

Other external services we don't use as infrastructure:
* sometimes we use the WMF Etherpad for drafting text documents
* social networks - G+, Facebook, Twitter for publishing news
* some users of WMCH mail addresses redirect their mail to external
services not under our control

There might be processes which I am not aware of which make use of
external platforms.


Am 10.06.2013 11:42, schrieb Emmanuel Engelhart:
> The last PRISM scandal show us again how the american governement and
> web companies don't care about our private data:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PRISM_%28surveillance_program%29
> On the other side, our members deserve a total privacy regarding their data.
> So, my question is pretty simple and for Manuel, who is certainly the
> only one with the right overview: Which precise usage does the
> association internally do of (American) cloud solutions (Facebook,
> Twitter, Google, Dropbox, Skype...)?
> Setting-up a precise list of services with use cases would be IMO
> extremely useful to evaluate our current dependance.

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