What is the meaning of "unprofessional"?

If someone writes me his own credit card number in his email, I can use the
maximum of my professionality to protect him for this specific case, but I
cannot be responsible for his privacy at all because he has a strange
behavior and he can send his credit card number to everyone with the same
level of attention.

In Wikipedia it's frequent that people uses mailing lists for some private
data, but few people understand that the mailing lists are *public*. So who
is unprofessional? The WMF's team or the people using the mailing lists?

How much people fight with Google ranking because they discover to have
wrote stupidity in Internet and at the first places there have their
stupidity? Should Google stops to rank websites to be "professional"?

The law is clear. The companies storing data should operate in good faith,
but the people should take care of their own data and where they store
their own data.

If you gives the keys of your home to the first person meets in the street,
you cannot say afterwards that someone has entered in your home without
your permission.

So, I would recommend you to don't speak about professionality.


On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 11:57 AM, Emmanuel Engelhart <
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> Le 11/06/2013 11:34, Ilario Valdelli a écrit :
> > Basically I would say that the email is something that allows people to
> > be contacted easily and to be checked easily, but there is also the
> > compromise with the security and the protection of data.
> >
> > The correct approach is in the middle.
> This approach is unprofessional, you have to do the necessary to
> keep/protect the privacy of your email exchanges.
> If you don't care, it's your right ; but at least take in consideration
> the privacy concern of people writing to you, to the association. So,
> it's not about you, your feelings or convenience.
> We have the chance to have an IT infrastructure providing powerful
> alternatives, so use it! If you have some difficulties setting up an
> email client with different mailboxes, I'm ready to help you.
> Emmanuel

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