Am 16.01.2014 12:59, schrieb Gabriel Thullen:
> Instead of introducing full MPG4 support, we could support the
> development of a tool to transform a MPG4 file into an Open format which
> could be used on Commons.

This is what I am looking for since a longer time and even made a
proposal to the WMF, which got dismissed due to the patent problematics.

The point is that we don't just need a conversion service but also a way
allowing us to collaboratively work on videos and store our raw videos
(this is where MP4 / H.264 comes in).

So if the WMF can sort out the legal problem on accepting H.264, I would
vote to only use it as an input format (which is one of the options on
the RfC page). With that done, we could finally implement a video
solution allowing collaborative editing and storage of raw material.

The output always should be a free codec / format, fully agree with that.

Find a description on what I mean here:

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