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Emmanuel's remarks are not so obvious. Is there a strong motivation to
force holding free content on a free support ? And if the answer is "yes",
what is it ? How to understand this section:
In my opinion it sounds very hypocrite as every photosensor back-end stage
transforms the captured light in a proprietary format and only a software
processing transforms this proprietary format into a free format (this
software may be embedded in the light capture device, such a camera and
this step appears to be transparent) (this is the same for sound).

Thus, content (from an abstract point of view) remains the same. Also my
question is : what does it change to impute responsability to the user to
transform the support format of its file into a free format or to perform
this transformation directly on the host repository (in the present case
Commons) ? In both case, input, output and processing are the same, only
changes the place where it is performed.

Finally, has the possibility to store free content in a non-free format,
allowing a wider sharing of knowledge, been considered ? And I don't
understand why it may have a problem for kiwix. If it is not possible to
integrate non-free formats, why not simply modify them during the
acquisition process ?


2014/1/16 Manuel Schneider <>

> Am 16.01.2014 16:10, schrieb Hartwig Thomas:
> > MP4 is not proprietary as such – only some codecs are.
> Right.
> MP4 is a container format, such as AVI, MOV, OGG or WebM.
> That's why I am talking in my explanation about MP4 / H.264 or just
> H.264 - which is the problematic codec.
> When we talk about Wikimedia Commons and video, Ogg means Ogg/Theora and
> WebM means VP8, the two free (as in speech) video codecs we are
> accepting at the moment.
> H.264 is for individual users also free but as in beer, not speech. And
> that is the core of the discussion.
> /Manuel
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