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Le 16/01/2014 18:22, Gilbert Conus a écrit :
> Emmanuel's remarks are not so obvious. Is there a strong motivation to
> force holding free content on a free support ? And if the answer is
> "yes", what is it ?

Non-free file formats, non-free codecs add barriers (legal, and pretty
often this generates technical ones) to the free re-use of content.
That's why there is a pretty fundamental contradiction using them with
free content.

> How to understand this
> section: 
>  ?
> In my opinion it sounds very hypocrite as every photosensor back-end
> stage transforms the captured light in a proprietary format and only a
> software processing transforms this proprietary format into a free
> format (this software may be embedded in the light capture device, such
> a camera and this step appears to be transparent) (this is the same for
> sound).

Commons requires a trans-coding from the device proprietary format. This
seems to me to be clear enough to avoid any hypocrisy suspicions.
Camera manufacturer don't have exactly the same agenda like ours -

> Thus, content (from an abstract point of view) remains the same. Also my
> question is : what does it change to impute responsability to the user
> to transform the support format of its file into a free format or to
> perform this transformation directly on the host repository (in the
> present case Commons) ? In both case, input, output and processing are
> the same, only changes the place where it is performed.

What you tell is only one of the two propositions (three with the MP4
rejection) of the survey (the second one).

Although I perfectly agree with your remark and this sounds, to me too,
to be a reasonable solution, I tend to prefer to reject completely the
MPEG4 stuff.

I believe that free format usage should be encouraged; like free
licenses, they are an essential stone to achieve a free knowledge
society. Wikimedia being big enough to change the game, this would be a
fault to not use this power to push in the right direction.

> Finally, has the possibility to store free content in a non-free format,
> allowing a wider sharing of knowledge, been considered ? And I don't
> understand why it may have a problem for kiwix. If it is not possible to
> integrate non-free formats, why not simply modify them during the
> acquisition process ?

I think I have already answered this before. Par of the misunderstanding
seems to come from the fact that I really oppose to the proposition (1)
and you seems to speak from the proposition (2) which is really less

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