Hello to all,
It could be a good idea to have this materials in PDF format. The PRs
in areas outside Zurich could download the PDFs and print them to
stick up where it's possible.

It's important to have similar material in similar graphic format
(i.e. wikipedia logo combined with other elements) also for media
press, possible in two/three languages.

I added me to PR team but "only" like support, to contact some media
of Tessin (if no-one has already contacted them) and Universities.

I suggest to the PR team to contact already media press in this moment
to inform them that we are organizing this meeting. If we have a
download area and web pages with more informations, this could be an
advantage. The feedback of medias, in this moment, could be important
to foresee the adhesions.

Please, contact me for the areas where you think there is a need.


On 4/11/06, Robin Schwab <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> I'm willing to work in the PR+ media team. Who else is? I'm a little
> >> concerned that we're running out of time.
> This is true. I appreciate your engagement very much. We must fix the
> precise content of our Wikipedia day to print flyers and "Plakate". A
> friend of mine could create a flyer and print them if we need special
> paper and/or colours. Else www.flyerline.ch offers quite cheap flyers.
> I would suggest to try to distribute flyers in swiss
> "Kantonsschulen/Gymnasien" , universities, both ETHs and
> Fachhochschulen/höhere Fachschulen.
> Besides something like a "Pressemappe" would engage press people to
> write about us.
> More ideas appreciated...
> Regards
> Robin
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