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K. Then who is Kiruba Shankar?  What

 was the election process & criteria? How many people involved in 

that? Why all these process were hidden? Why even Hindi not informed?


This is what I'm wondering about too! I think this process should be more 
inclusive and transparent!

Who decided the list of founding members (Signatories) mentioned on this page 
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_India/MoA#WIKIMEDIA_INDIA? And how was 
this list decided? How come Gautam K John (who is self-admittedly not involved 
with Wikipedia) was invited to be a founding member, but someone like 
User:Bhadani was not?

Why is some like HPN who has not made even 100 edits in 2009 and 2010 to


Kannada and Sanskrit Wikipedias combined together is at the forefront of

 this initiative, but some of the most important contributors from Indic

 wikipedias are not even a part of this?

I'm all for a Wikimedia India chapter, but it should be a group of 

all the people who are actually part of the Wikipedia community! It should not 

be a bunch of politicians that want to be face of Wikipedia to the Indian media 
without having made any substantial contributions to Wikipedia.

Wikimedia India will receive thousands of rupees in donations. We need trusted 
people who are representative of the pan-India Wikipedia community to handle it.

If this is a group of people who are meeting in Bangalore for wining and 
dining, this should be named "Wikimedia Bangalore" chapter, not "Wikipedia 
INDIA" chapter!

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