I'm still getting these mails.

Jayanta da, please look into the allegations made by this anonymous
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From: "IAC techs" <iac.te...@gmail.com>
Date: 06-Nov-2014 11:29 am
Subject: Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] [WMIN-Members] Fwd: Grossly Obscene
pornographic images on WIKIMEDIA.IN
To: <ravidre...@wikimedia.in>

QUOTE: "A member informed Anivar and informed that non-members of a
society must not interfere with its election process as per the
Karnataka Society rules "

Please cite the rule.  Otherwise explain why the "COMMUNITY" was
invited to pose queries to candidates till 15.Nov.2014. It has always
been clearly understood that "community" refers to "Wikipedia users
community" and Wikimedia "India" is known as "Chapter".

Is it your case that candidates for WMIN should not reply to queries
from the community ?

Do you have anything to hide ? All these files of pornography, child
pornography and LGBT pornography which is being distributed from your
filthy website ? Who is packing WMIN EC with LGBT activists ? Why do
you have so many fake members that most votes are invariably cast
through postal ballots ?

Insofar as WMIN Chapter is concerned, it is essentially restricted in
its operations to state of Karnataka. If you want to operate pan-India
register yourself under a central enactment like the 1860 Act or Multi
States Co-op Act. Until then call yourself Wikimedia Chapter or
Wikimedia Chapter (Karnataka) and do not publish your obscene
pornography outside the state of Karnataka.

On 11/6/14, Ravishankar Ayyakkannu <ravidre...@wikimedia.in> wrote:
> Hi,
> Since this is being discussed in open lists,
> I request community members not to engage with this issue directly. Doing
> so will only complicate the issue further. Any community member getting
> such mails can forward them to chapter at wikimedia dot in .
> Wikimedia Chapter (India) is well informed of this issue and will take
> of this in a formal way.
> Thanks,
> Ravi
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