> The IWF really doesn't want people looking too closely into what it
> does and how it does it. That would only inform the criminals, don't
> you know. As such, I expect this one to quietly disappear,
> particularly if everyone here with a failed connection to Wikipedia
> makes a point to call their ISP's tech support and ask why they can't
> get text on a page. I realise this is a big request when we're talking
> about the Virgin Media phone queue ...
> "Virgin Media: We've never done it, and we don't really know how to."

I phoned and posted a request for info on the virginmedia broadband
newsgroup a few hours ago. The man in Mumbai on the helpline was unaware of
the blacklist. I got the following response from the newsgroup after posting
the link to the wikinews coverage -

"Hi Nanonic,

This is not something that technical support would have any information or
control over. This is not only Virgin (as stated in the article) but
multiple ISP's .

Sorry if this has caused any inconvenience but is not a fault but an active
measure to stop inappropriate content on the Internet.

Kind regards
Paul McFly
VirginMedia Technical Support
http://status2.virginmedia.com/ "

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