2008/12/6 Thomas Dalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I can access it from my university internet connection (through JANET).
> It's very strange - if it is the Virgin Killer picture then why now?
> That picture have been there for ages and has been complained about
> plenty of times before. The conclusion was always that it was legal
> and encyclopaedic.

Likely no one has previously complained to the IWF.

> Mike has apparently said the foundation hasn't been
> contacted about it, which one would think was among the first things
> the authorities would try (I don't know how such things work
> internationally, but I'm pretty sure there is international
> co-operation when it comes to fighting child pornography).

Internet watch foundation are not the authorities. They also don't
tell sites if they are Flagged (see their FAQ). We only found out due
to a chance information leak and the shear size of the site
highlighting some technical issues in the filtering.


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