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>> Addendum. The IWF state they have an appeals process, though I can't find
>> further details in their FAQ. They are also associated with CEOP whom
>> invited me earlier this year to talk to a conference they were organising
>> so I am happy to discuss the matter with them on Monday. In my mind it
>> would be far better for them to ask for the removal of the image rather
>> than block an entire article. Indeed the article could happily have the
>> later album cover and just refer to the earlier one, although I am not
>> happy with censorship in any form on a personal level.

> I access the internet at home through PlusNet - all wikimedia sites
> are extremely slow at the moment and uploading images or posting
> comments is frequently causing errors. If you could speak to IWF ASAP,
> please let them know how much collateral damage they are doing!

"And by the way it's likely to hit the press in a day or so, and the
IWF censoring text from Wikipedia may not look so good."


- d.

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